No-knead deep dish sourdough pizza crust


Like many people, I have recently acquired a sourdough starter while in quarantine. I promise it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. If you haven’t started one, Zero Waste Chef has all of the resources for you.

This is an easy way to use up the discard, with a little additional “lift” from commercial yeast. The result is a flavorful, not-too-sour crust that has all of the characteristics of your favorite restaurant deep dish: the shatteringly crisp, nearly fried bottom and caramelized cheese edges with an abundance of air bubbles throughout.

Let’s get to it!

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Fall And Winter Food Trends

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The transition from summer to fall brings forth the sweetness of caramelized roasted root vegetables; the warm intoxicating scent of cinnamon; and indulgent, steamy, luxurious hot chocolate. Below are some anticipated food trends for this fall, because cold weather is a great excuse to stay in and cook.

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