Foolproof French Macarons


French macarons are delightfully crispy-yet-chewy almond meringue sandwich cookies, not to be confused with coconut macaroons. Anyone who is fond of macarons knows that these little delectable cookies can cost up to $5 per cookie. WHY?! Because they can. And they’re adorable.

It has taken me THREE YEARS to fine-tune the process of making my own. I am now boldly calling my vanilla French macaron recipe foolproof, because every single cookie in this batch was perfect. I’ve decided to share this batch with one of my very best friends when we get together today to swap gifts. Read on for the recipe!

P.S. They’re gluten free!

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Sunday Favorites And Supermoon


Tonight a rare supermoon occurred. Although it was too cloudy in my area of town to view the “blood moon,” from home, my family and I enjoyed looking at the peach hued clouds. We eventually wound up watching the supermoon live stream on TV via

The days are getting a little shorter, and the breeze is blowing just a little bit stronger lately. The leaves are starting to gather in the streets, and pumpkin spice mania is in full force. September is drawing to an end within just a few days, and I’ve decided to wrap up the last Sunday of the month with a few of my favorite things.

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