Just soaking.

I am lying in bed, feeling fully whole for the first time.

In 2015 I took an unpaid internship with Embarcadero Media — the company that produces the newspapers I have read since my teenage years — in hopes of eventually becoming a food features writer.

My choice to become a newspaper writer wasn’t some, oh that sounds cool, I think I’ll try that moment.

This decision was made after my career as a restaurant chef became detrimental to my health. I didn’t know the cause at the time, but fibromyalgia was affecting my ability to perform my job.

I wondered if I was a failure for not toughing it out and staying in the restaurant industry a little longer. I wondered if I was foolish for leaving a paid managerial position for an unpaid internship. I remember staring at my college degree (Associate of Science in Culinary Arts) hanging up on my wall and feeling like it was mocking me. I could hear the confusion in my old culinary school buddies’ voices when they found out that I was no longer working in the industry.

I realized that the only person judging me was myself. This was a passion that I needed to pursue.

This work brings me pure joy, because I genuinely enjoy learning. I have never been one to ask, “What do you do?” I want to know what people are passionate about. I want to learn about new music, art, hobbies, food, trends, entertainment, etc.

This internship became a PAID freelance writer position. I have been fortunate enough to write about the most fascinating people who have taught me so much about all of the previously mentioned topics, and more.

In my work as a journalist, I have never EVER felt even the slightest amount of boredom. How many people can say that?

Last month, I wrote my first food feature for Embarcadero Media as a freelance writer.

I still can’t believe how far I have come. Going from kitchen work to AP style writing was a HUGE adjustment. I have wanted this moment for so long. My writing is absolutely NOT perfect, but I know that I have worked so hard. I have so much to be proud of.

I somehow managed to marry my two passions — food and writing — and I am soaking up all of this yummy happiness.

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