Milk And Madeleines Turns One!


This month Milk And Madeleines turned ONE YEAR OLD! Thank you so much to everyone who has shown me such great support as I launched this blog. I wish I had arms big enough to hug all of you!

After a few months of following a low FODMAP diet and a recent follow-up with my rheumatologist, I am proud to say that I do not have celiac disease, lupus or lyme disease. Phew! My fibromyalgia/nerve-related pain is now (mostly) under control. My only food-related issue is that I need to cool it on the garlic, onions and stone fruit. Luckily, I have been ordering my produce through Imperfect Produce and they have been sending me miniature “imperfect” avocados that are just enough for me to spread onto my morning toast.

I love avocados. I guess truly am 100% Californian.

Speaking of toast-did you know that you can make English muffins out of my herb slab ciabatta recipe?


And the best part? It’s a no-knead dough! Stay tuned-I will be posting the recipe soon!

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