For about 1 year, I felt as if my career was in limbo. But lately, the words that have made me the happiest have been “By Chrissi” at the top of each of my newspaper stories at the local media company I have been interning for.

Quite a few people have asked me, “Why writing?”

I have not abandoned my love of food. Yes, I have a degree in culinary arts. No, it doesn’t define me. I began college at the age of 18 in hopes of marrying my interests with my love of writing. For me, this is it.

Over the past year, I have had a lot of time to reflect on ways that I could integrate my hobbies into my career, and I feel like I have finally achieved that balance. Although I have become a bit anti-social due to some personal anxiety issues, (I tend to hide behind my computer screen, and would rather write than interact with people,) I know that this position will help me gain more confidence.

I love writing, fashion, art, dance, and food. No one is one-faceted, and that’s what makes everyone so interesting to me.

Tillamook Co-Op Lunch at Sunset Magazine

This week has been extremely busy as I settle into my new position as an intern for a local media (newspaper) company. It’s been a lot of work, but I am so grateful to have this opportunity in my life to learn from some of the most fantastic journalists, as I grow in my writing skills and gain knowledge. It’s been completely invaluable to me.

On Saturday, Oct. 10, I had a chance to join my fellow Tillamook Co-Op members and food bloggers at the Sunset Magazine Headquarters in Menlo Park, California for lunch!

The afternoon was spent dining on delectable Sunset dishes, meeting Sunset and Tillamook staff, and socializing with some of the Bay Area’s most fascinating food bloggers.

And a special hello to Miss Cheesemonger, a fellow foodie who we happened to meet at the Tillamook ice cream truck in the garden. She runs a gorgeous food blog, and even has her own online shop. Kudos to you!


A handsome fellow serving endless scoops of Tillamook ice cream in three flavors: vanilla bean, marionberry pie, and chocolate


Sunset Magazine Headquarters’ gardens

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Truths About Being A Writer

I loathe the blogger cliché of listing “confessions.” Mommy bloggers love over-using the word, “confessions,” as if they are penning some scandalous PG-13 rated memoir, a la Kris Jenner style. I am not a Mommy blogger, and I refuse to call this blog post a “confession.” I am simply going to reveal a few truths about my lifestyle, and what a typical day looks like at Milk And Madeleines.

Some people think that being a writer looks something like this:

Photo from HBO

But for me, a day at work usually looks something like this:


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