Bread Baking – Whoops!


Part of being a food blogger and writer is admitting when something went wrong. Today, I ate my last slice of last week’s 90 Minute Whole Wheat Bread. I am definitely on a whole wheat bread kick, and I knew I wanted to bake more.

I decided to modify the recipe for this week’s batch: no seeds, and no oats. I just wanted some sweet honey wheat bread. I will be seeing a lot of people this week, and I don’t want a smile full of flax and sunflower seeds.

At some point during my recipe modification, I completely forgot to add the oil to the dough. I realized it as soon as I started forming the dough into a loaf. I did what anyone would do: I shrugged, and thought, let’s see what happens.


When the loaf came out, I knew the crust wouldn’t be as pillowy soft as my last batch. To be honest, I was really afraid that I had just baked a loaf of a whole wheat brick. Upon removing it from the pan, I saw that the crust had cracked horizontally (which happens as the dough expands-this is why artisan bakers score the crust prior to baking.) Surprisingly, the result was better than I could have imagined.

I think the crumb actually held together better with this batch of bread. I ate the bread in a sliced turkey sandwich for dinner. My slices didn’t crumble upon cutting. The texture reminded me of a whole wheat baguette, with a somewhat chewy center, and crackly thin crust.

Yes, tonight I ate a sandwich for dinner. In my world, hot house + hot laptop = eat a sandwich for dinner. To be specific, the turkey on the sandwich was also home made. I had roasted the whole turkey breast earlier in the week, and the sandwich was slathered with garlic mayonnaise and thin slices of tomato. The fact that it’s hot outside doesn’t mean I let my culinary efforts go to waste.

Next time, maybe I’ll try adding butter to the bread dough recipe instead of olive oil. In my experience, adding butter in place of oil in baked items adds softness and structure. Perhaps the butter will help keep the bread from crumbling, while creating a more moist texture than this past week’s batch of bread.

For the original recipe, check out my post on 90 Minute Whole Wheat Bread. It’s pretty customizable, as you can add the seeds and oats, or not. You can add the olive oil, or leave it out. I’m convinced that this recipe is highly customizable, as long as it has the same amount of flour, yeast, milk, salt, and egg.

I started this blog as a way to document everything: food reviews, recipes, successes, and failures. Today, I’d say my kitchen fail still wound up being a success.

I am still putting the finishing touches on my post which will highlight the apple farms of El Dorado County, California. I will be posting it soon!


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